About PowerBabe

Meet our founder

My name is Amisha. I am a mum, home maker, company director and founder of PowerBabe. (Geez, a girl does need to wind down once in a while )

I specialise in empowering women in getting their MOJO back…or rather bringing them back to their own ‘PowerBabe’ version.

It however hasn’t always been that way.

The last two and a half decades of my life have been one rather crazy journey. Imagine riding a death-defying roller coaster and balancing exquisite crockery in both hands at the same time!

That's kind of how it’s been, trying to handle every role and responsibility that was handed to me....as a daughter, as an employee, a carer for my mother.

Eventually as a wife, a mum and home-maker plus a start up business that left me physically and emotionally drained and spent. I never knew that your capabilities can get minimized if you spend long enough doing something you HAVE to do but aren’t really passionate about...

If I have to highlight some of my biggest values and beliefs, they are self-empowerment and self-development are the prime contributors to one’s life success.

The cherry on the cake is sharing what I have learned that has helped me become the best and most authentic version of myself and helping others discovering theirs.

Being a certified NLP trainer and truly understanding life skills that empowers us.

As a mum, I use these empowering tools every single day in my life and can see and experience huge progress in my child and moreover in myself as a parent.

I now feel empowered like never before and want to share this with every woman who wants to live her purpose and passion.

And for those who are juggling many roles and relationships, you have a choice to be able to balance and give your best and more to everything.

Let me show you how.

“I never had a hero, so I became one” - Muniba Mazari